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Dr. Michael Pomerleano

Democrat for Virginia's 10th Congressional District

If not us, who? If not now, when? - John F. Kennedy

Michael's Message

Born in Romania, I experienced firsthand the horrors of a tyrannical authoritarian and oppressive regime. I felt moved to action after last year's presidential election and the deceit, corruption and narcissistic chaos of the last 6 months. I am convinced that the Trump presidency constitutes an assault on the fundamental goodness and liberties of our country. I am stepping forward in the fight to preserve our American democracy and way of life for future generations. In addition to opposing Donald Trump, I want to bring to bear over thirty years of experience in economic and financial systems to make the economy and financial system work for the average citizen and to ensure that the local economy continues to prosper.

Michael's Priorities

About Michael

Michael immigrated to the US in the early 1970s to attend the PhD program in Business Economics at Harvard University. Dr. Pomerleano’s expertise is in financial systems and he has worked at such leading institutions as the World Bank, Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Federal Reserve and Citibank. He is also the author of numerous articles and books on the topic. Michael served as an officer in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Michael and his spouse, Jackie, have three grown sons. The oldest is a mathematician, a second son is studying computer science and the youngest is a marine recruit. Our dogs Philli and Harenbah do not have career plans and prefer to stay at home. Philli and Harenbah are superb advisors, far better than Jared Kushner. Both dogs represented to me that they haven’t lost $1 billion on 666 Fifth Avenue and never tried to secure Qatar, Chinese or Russian funding.

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Why I'm Running

1. Why am I running? I go back to John F. Kennedy: If not me, who? And if not now, when?

2. Primary. My quarrel is not with my fellow democrats that are running in the primary. The more the merrier and let the best woman or man win. But we do not need more lawyers because the issue is not HOW to legislate, but WHAT to legislate. We also don’t need human trafficking experts in the District. What we need is robust economic thinking and expertise in Congress and sadly the Democrats do not have economic policy wonks to expose the falsehoods of Paul Ryan. I believe that I am the best candidate due to my economic experience. I have demonstrated achievements and expertise in economic systems, having worked in over 20 countries including China, India, and Korea during periods of economic distress. I want to use this experience to make the economy and financial system better both for the residents of District 10 and for Americans everywhere.

3. Impeachment. We are witnessing an assault on our way of life. Trump has lied compulsively, denigrated the rule of law and tried to shred the modern safety net. Trump has made clear that he isn’t finished trying to take health insurance away from millions of people or trying to hide the truth about his Russia ties. I have no doubt that President Trump has debased the Presidency, and that alone warrants impeachment. Only a Democratic House can lead to impeachment.

4. I am an immigrant from totalitarian regime and experienced firsthand the abuses.I am American by choice and extremely grateful to this country for the opportunities it has provided me with. WithTrump we are witnessing an elitist administration of billionaires taking care of their own. I want to preserve American values for my children and future generations.

5. I believe in American exceptionalism and nationalism.The special character of the United States as a uniquely free nation based on democratic ideals and personal liberty. We need to protect it with nationalism designed to improve the lives of all Americans, not just the wealthiest 1%.

6. My Policy Priorities:

a. Impeachment. I plan to pursue the impeachment of President Trump. This will only be possible if Democrats control the House.

b. Consumer protection. Protect the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

c. Protect the regulatory reforms designed to prevent financial crisis.

d. Healthcare. I pledge to preserve and improve on the safety net of the Affordable Care Act.

e. Education. We need to redouble our STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — educational efforts.

f. Infrastructure. Private/Public infrastructure partnerships offer effective way to improve the infrastructure in the region.

g. Transportation. District 10 needs to improve the infrastructure for a revolutionary new generation of electric mobility options.

h. Immigration and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). I plan to fight vigorously for those policies.

7. I am not a career politician that lived his entire live on the public payroll. Lincoln extolled the virtues America's representative democracy: that government is "of the people, by the people, for the people.” I will therefore limit myself to two terms. Barbara Comstock has already served two terms. I pledge to pursue a focused agenda and serve only two terms according to Lincoln’s vision.

8. Defeating Comstock is defeating Trump. Barbara Comstock will not stand up to Donald Trump. Her voting record and platform demonstrate that she almost always adheres to the Republican Party line without her own input or special regard for the unique interests of her constituents in District 10. Most pertinently, she has no relevant experience or ideas on economic issues.

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